Heat pumps are small electric systems that compress the air of an area to heat or cool a house or office. They do a great job of quickly gathering the heat of a room and pumping it outside. They are great for those living in hot climates that want their homes cooled quickly. There are various different types of heat pumps that you can buy depending on the climate and humidity that you live in. They also come in various different sizes depending on the size of the area ou are trying to heat or cool. A&H can help you in choosing the perfect heat pump for your home or office.

Heat pumps are also needed in the house as these are able to regulate the temperature of your home without the use of an air conditioner. Though these don’t work as a complete A/C replacement, these are eco-friendly and can save you a lot of money. If you’re interested in having a heat pump installed in your home or need help with heat pump repairs, contact A&H Heating and Air Conditioning and request for a free estimate.

For air conditioning problems, the company’s technicians will diagnose and repair whatever that needs to be fixed. These technicians are quick, efficient and able to patch up all of your A/C problems.

For more information visit our website @ http://www.ahheatingair.com/ or call us (770) 335-7832.

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