Find the perfect temperature for your room with A&H Heating and Air Conditioning’s zoning systems

Every one of us has our own preferred temperature, depending on how our body can tolerate it. There are people who hate being exposed to cold because they would easily chill, while there are also others who love staying in cool areas.

Inside your home, some members of your family may prefer sleeping in a room with a much cooler temperature than those in warmer areas, and vice versa.

Setting every room’s temperature manually every day can be a little stressful. You have to personally go to every room and manually set the numbers.

If this is your everyday dilemma, it would be better if you engage the services of a company who can automatically set your desired temperature in every room.

This is called the zoning systems.

Zoning separates Upstairs from down stairs;  one thermostat down controls all rooms down, likewise upstairs thermostat controls all rooms that are upstairs and downstairs thermostat controls all rooms that are downstairs.


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Phone Number: (770) 335-7832
Website URL: http://www.ahheatingair.com/

Hours: Mon-Sat 7:00AM-6:00PM Sun 2:00-6:00
Payment Method : Cash, Cheque, Mastercard, Visa

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